Due Diligence
Are you a CEO, PE firm or other organization looking to acquire a new company? Don’t learn too late about issues that affect valuation. We evaluate companies' core processes and tech to identify competencies and challenges in the diligence phase.

Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Journey Mapping
Every company should have a thoughtfully documented plan for customer interactions to build an ideal lifecycle experience & drive higher conversion & LTV.

business intelligence
Smart companies use data to make key decisions at all employee levels. We help companies develop the right KPIs, find the data to measure them & implement business intelligence & data analytics solutions that bring data to all employees.

Sales and Marketing
More and more, companies are required to bring marketing and sales together with integrated processes and technology to drive growth. This is hard, but following the right best-practices are necessary to succeed. We help get you there.

CRM and Marketing Automation
CRM & Marketing Automation
These two technologies are critical to growth and scale as they enable marketing & sales to thrive. But they can also be a bottleneck. We help companies make these technologies transformative.

System Architecture
System Architecture
In order for your business to scale and innovate, your various systems must work together--not against each other. We help companies evaluate their current architecture, identify gaps and implement best-practice tech landscapes.

IT Transformation
Organizations can be enabled or inhibited by IT architecture & organization. Don't let your growth become stunted by IT constraints.

Data Strategy and Architecture
Data Strategy and Architecture
Have data problems? Not enough of it? Can't trust it? Proper data insights are vital to growing a business. We can help fix underlying issues with data collection, quality & use.

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